Rules of Yogato

  1. If Mr. Roboto comes over the speaker system and you sing along,
    you get 10% off yogurt.
  2. Try your luck with a trivia question. Get it right for 10% off, but get it wrong and 10% is added.
  3. If you will wear a yogato stamp on your head, you get 10% off.
  4. If you can recite the Stirling battlefield speech from Braveheart in a great scottish accent, you get 20% off yogurt.
  5. Order a yogurt for 30 consecutive days and we'll name a flavor after you. View 30 Day Champions
  6. If a customer suggests a topping or flavor which is then adopted, that customer receives a 5% discount for life.
  7. If anyone can stump Steve on trivia regarding Seinfeld or "The Rock," 10% off yogurt.
  8. Anyone wearing a kickball uniform and has played hard (evidenced by dirt on their knees) will receive an automatic 10% off yogurt.
  9. Rules 9 and 10 added on Mr. Yogato's first birthday!!!

  10. Reenact the entire 47-second Michael Jackson Thriller dance for 20% off. Perform a shorter choreographed dance (such as the Hitch Q-Tip dance) for 10% off.
  11. Dress up like 80's tennis legend Bjorn Borg and receive 25% off. Sing "I'm Too Sexy" by RSF in his Swedish accent to bump it up to 50%.

Seinfeld Mega-Challenges

  • Challenge 1: Bring any Seinfeld minor character into the store for a picture with the Yogato tie and receive 10 free yogurts or all-you-can-eat for a week.
  • Challenge 2: Create an edible Yogato pasta-structure (i.e. Fusilli Jerry) and receive a discount in percentage points equal to the height (in cm) of the figure.

Watch what other customers have done to get discounts!


Use your Seinfeld Skills to get discounts!

Customer wearing a Yogato stamp on her head Rule #3 in Action Seinfed Mega-Challenge #2 Seinfed Mega-Challenge #2