Seinfeld Meets Yogato!

Teri Hatcher and Mr. Yogato

Actress: Teri Hatcher
Character: Sidra
Best quote: "They're real and they're spectacular."

Jon Voigt and Mr. Yogato

Actor: Jon Voigt
Character: Himself
Best quote: "Nnngghh" (as he bites Kramer's arm)

Peter Allas at Mr. Yogato

Actor: Peter Allas
Character: Paisano's Pizza Man
Best quote: "What the hell do I know about cooking a shirt?"

Fred Applegate and Mr. Yogato

Actor: Fred Applegate
Character: Levitan (George's real estate boss)
Best quote: "How you blew that McConnell deal, I'll never know."

Michael Mitz and Mr. Yogato

Actor: Michael Mitz
Character: Man on Phone ("The Chinese Restaurant" episode)
Best quote: Ignoring George's pleas

Kimberly Guerrero and Mr. Yogato

Actress: Kimberly Guerrero
Character: Winona
Best quote: "What? A person that what? And? You mean..."

Tom's Restaurant and Mr. Yogato

Actress: Tom's Restaurant
Character: Monk's Cafe
Best quote: "Restaurant"

Seinfeld Mega-Challenge #1