Friends of Yogato

Founder of Fidberry

Founder of Fidberry


Yogato is a funny name
When selling yogurt is your game

Inspired by a band named styx
They offer you delicious licks
Of frozen treats with toppings galore
Plus a cup o' cocoa and plenty more

Kiwi, mango, captain crunch
Can we have yogato for lunch?
Coconut and chocolate chips
A sweet sensation on your lips.

How about some apple sauce
On your yogurt says Steve, the boss.
If that won't do, have some honey
It won't cost you any money.

Wheat germ? Basil? Olive oil?
Won't those make your yogurt spoil?
They even have Old Bay seasoning
Though I'm not sure of their reasoning

Blueberry, strawberry, even raspberry
But you'd rather have some Fidberry.
What about their secret menu?
You can't name them all, can you?

And what about the games they play?
Like naming countries with the letter 'J'
Stumping Steve, now that's a trick
No matter what question you might pick

Old-school Nintendo? That sounds fun
I'll play you when the Boggle game's done.
Candyland and dominoes
What'll be next? Lord only knows.

For 30-day visitors there's a prize
Which, I'm guessing, you may surmise,
Is an eponymous flavor at the store
That will live forever more. (or until Steve decides he wants a new flavor)

But now it's time for us to eat
And have some of their delicious treats.
So that's my picture of Yogato
Which, as you see, I like a lotto.

COPYRIGHT Fidler Industries, 2008


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